Make Your Move, '14's Dance Flick, Gives Us K-Pop Goodness

New York's hottest club is Static. After descending into the underground, you'll find chiseled women levitating above a packed dance floor, a pristine bar with galavanting acrobats, a family with a deep-seated hate for another family, and Derek Hough. Or, at least that's what Make Your Move's new trailer leads you to believe.
Hough's silver screen debut has him doing what he does best: moving his pretty feet in inhuman ways. From the looks of it, Make Your Move is going to have more moves than a Michael Jackson concert and every trope a dance movie can possibly have. Essentially, Hough is a New Orleans transplant living in the big city who falls in love with Aya (the stunning Boa) after, what else, dancing with her. Her brother, however, isn't into it, and it's all one barrel jump downhill from there.
They say a moonwalk can remedy any situation, but, from the looks of it, it's going to take a lot more than one swift move to keep these two star-crossed lovers together. Here's what else to expect: a strong romance consummated in dance, impromptu dance-offs in "clubs," some brawls overflowing with testosterone that culminate with some choreography, and a shirtless, sweaty, but perfectly coiffed Derek Hough. Happy dancing, y'all. (Yahoo!)

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