Courtney Love Reinvents The Hashtag For Her First Vlog

Courtney Love's latest venture down the rabbit hole of the Internet involves a lot of cussing, minimal makeup, and hashtags — lots, and lots of hashtags. The Hole front woman started her first YouTube channel this week, and the series premiere (if you can call it that) is a minute-long Love-fest.
For starters, she casually invents a hashtag for her court dates. Ladies and gents, behold, the one Internet trend you won't (likely) be tagging this year: #TWIBEL, the hashtag that merges "tweet" with "libel" (specifically pertaining to her Twitter defamation case that she won, but that's another story for another day).
Anyway, Love continues down the road of incessant tagging, crowning herself a #fashionicon, a #trailblazer, and #vanguard. Oh, and she throws in #rulebreaker in case we weren't aware. There is, however, one offhand tag that may or may not cause a few head scratches: #BIGsweatyBALLS. No, we don't know what it pertains to and launching a full-blown celebrity Twitvestigation could lead us down a road we might regret. So, we're just going to let it exist in the ether and hope Love, in all her off-the-cuff awesomeness, explains herself as the vlog develops.
Love's commentary of moms on Facebook has us wondering whether or not Frances Bean will make an appearance, though. (MTV)
Opening Photo: via @courtneylove.

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