Beyoncé Just Wakes Up Looking Like This

1beyoncePhoto: Courtesy of @beyonce.
We're not sure why they call it "beauty sleep." When we wake up in the morning, "beauty" is definitely not the first thing that pops into our mind. (Haggard, crinkly, and squinty, on the other hand, totally fit the bill.) Then again, we're not Beyoncé, who, judging by this intimate Instagram snap, wakes up looking like, well, Beyoncé. Even her manicure is flawless!
While we'd like to believe that Bey's been pulling a Kristen-Wiig-from-Bridesmaids move and sneaking out of bed to touch up her makeup, we know better. The gal's just naturally gorgeous, with springy curls, glowing skin, and a beautiful, sparkling white smile. She probably doesn't even get morning breath. Sigh.
Even though we're totally jealous, we love that Mrs. Carter didn't mind sharing the imperfect-but-perfect photo. Remember the trouble Russell Brand got in when he took an early morning snap of then-wife Katy Perry? Not good.

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