Verdict — The App That Lets You Rate Anything!

mainPhoto: Courtesy of Verdict.
We have to give credit to Hot or Not, its format somehow has roots in every social network we use today — from the super obvious (cough...Tinder) to Facebook. But, there’s a new app on the market that moves beyond rating people and allows you to thumb up or thumb down…anything.
According to The Verge, Verdict is an app built by two 18 year olds (who also split time between school and interning for VC firms — kids these days!) through which users can upload a photo of practically anything that tickles their fancy and get it approved or disapproved by total strangers. The inspiration came after one of the founders Snapchatted a picture to his friends for a “verdict” and voila a startup was born. Thinking of a new haircut? Wait don’t snip until you consult an anonymous crowd! How about those shoes you’re eyeing? Sorry, thumbs down. Harsh! What's your, er, verdict on this new app — will you be adding it your phone anytime soon?

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