Showering: Are You Doing It Wrong?

Our obsession love affair with showers and baths and the products we use are such an ingrained part of Western civilization, we could potentially put a hurtin' on the economy if we decided to go all medieval and stop taking them so much. Wait, you ask, why is daily bathing even a question? Well, evidently, it is. From the news desk that brought you the gal who hadn't washed her hair for five years comes an even bigger debate: Are we showering too much?
A Jezebel writer posed the question in a recent article after her lack of this particular hygiene practice inspired a conversation (with a capital C) or three between her and her husband, who lathers up on the daily. The writer, who slowed down her shower frequency when she was pregnant a few years ago (and is so not sorry she's not sorry), explores all sorts of news stories, surveys, and expert opinions to get to the bottom of whether or not curtailing the habit is actually better for you and whether or not we need all the soaps, lotions, and potions we've come to know and love. Read the article to find out what happened. But, the general consensus is that as long as your body meets with water every other day or so to fend off bacteria and other nasties, you're good to go.
Ok, so how often do you hose down, and how long can you go before you literally want to jump out of your own skin? Can you skip the showers with no guilt, or do you self-consciously add more layers of clothing because you hope no one notices? Discuss. (Jezebel)

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