The 5 Most Crucial Observations From Vin Diesel’s Lip-Synching Video

Prepare yourselves. The ultimate Beyoncé Grammys rendition is here, and it's going to be disturbing. Perhaps you've seen reactions to this video floating around social media, but if you haven't watched, we implore you to. Vin Diesel, he of Fast & Furious fame, made what we gather is a celebratory video dedicated to his fans. It's both a lip-synch and a dance-along to Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" and Beyoncé's "Drunk In Love."
We get to see Diesel really in his element here, wearing his signature tank top and cargo shorts and just plain getting his groove on. Well, kind of. You see, this intimate clip can't seem to settle on one thing — is it a sexy-time dance number? Is Diesel showing off his singing skills? Is he auditioning for his own version of Big Brother? These are mysteries we'll likely never know the answers to.
But, what we do know is that this video made us feel a lot of things, and brought up quite a few discussion points. Below are what we believe to be the five most pertinent observations — chime in on the comments to share answers, questions, or just your own concerns for Team Diesel.
1. Diesel might be the least consistent lip-syncher of all time. If you're going to belt out a song, belt it out. Or, if you're going to simply lip-synch, at least learn the words, eh?
2. Why didn't he put the laptop on something higher? Surely bending in half for eight minutes straight just to fit into your web cam isn't comfortable. What we do know is that his chiropractor is going to be laughing all the way to the bank.
3. Diesel has 63,000,000 Facebook likes. Sixty-three million people voluntarily subjected themselves to this content. That is all.
4. Why does he pause halfway through the video to finally give an explanation for the musical celebrations? Surely this clip could have benefitted from an introduction of some sort.
5. While disregarding the potentially disturbing nature of this clip, it is comforting to know that even famous people want to be Beyoncé as much as we do. #Surfbort.

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