Tom Hiddleston’s Thor Screen Test Is Everything And Then Some

You might as well take your pants off right now and shred them, because these GIFs are about to send you way, way over the edge. Honestly, there is no point in even doing anything for the rest of the day because you are about to be slain a hundred times by this beauteous imagery we are about to bestow upon you.
A few GIFs have recently been released of Tom Hiddleston's original screen test for the part of Thor. There are wind machines. There is a hammer. There is long, flowing, blonde hair. And, there is you, giggling and squealing like some sort of deranged, maniacal, female version of Smeagol. The glorious images are taken from the full screen test included as a bonus feature on the DVD of Thor: The Dark World. Immediately go to Amazon and pre-order it right now. If you don't, your beloved Hiddleston will cry three tears. No more, no less. Exactly three.
Here is one:
hm9gkfJImage: Courtesy of Marvel Studioes/Via Superhero Movies News.
And, another on page two...
ktHS4YeImage: Courtesy of Marvel Studioes/Via Superhero Movies News.
Of course, it's immediately clear that Loki is the part for him. He's so much better as an evil genius than a wide-eyed jock. We got the Loki we deserved, and Hemsworth fans got the Thor they deserved, too. Not that dear Tom doesn't have some serious muscles hidden under his many cloaks. These GIFs are proof a-plenty of that. (Superhero Movie News)

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