The Big Lebowski Video Game Is Here — Press Start!

Prepare to get nostalgic, kids of the ’90s, because your love for old-school Nintendo games and The Big Lebowski have joined together in the most hilarious way possible. The clever folks over at 8-Bit Cinema have used their time very wisely by creating a must-see version of the film in glorious old-school video game style.
As soon as you press play start, you’ll be in a pixilated world that follows the plot of the beloved Coen brother’s flick, including scenes at the bowling alley, The Dude stealing back his rug, and even some computerized love making. Of course, the music by Henry Dutton is exactly as animated as the games we adored playing on the system.
See all the digitized drama unfold below, and you’re if not inspired to break out your Super Nintendo afterward, then it might officially be game over for your childhood. (MovieFone)

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