Beyoncé Won The Grammys With This Performance

You just know you're in for a night of many a bathroom break and excuses to leave the room when an award show's best moment is its first performance. But, man, did the 56th Annual Grammys peak with the greatest of deities. Yes, dear readers, Beyoncé graced the Grammys stage with her goddess post-Flashdance water-dump hair and hubby, Jay Z, for the first live-performance of "Drunk In Love."
Jay was cute and all, but Queen B ruled over her people — with nary a wind machine in sight, too! Where was that wind machine? Did it break contract after snatching her weave? Did anyone really miss it? Nah, because we were too busy screaming "yaaas" and flailing our limbs above our heads in awe, praise, and unworthiness. Though the power remained on, Bey shut it down in theory. And, speaking of theories, that self-titled album won every award this year despite not being nominated for, like, anything. Oh well. (Slate)

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