Olivia Wilde Plays A Pill-Popping Seductress In Her New Movie

wildeinsidephoto via indiewire.
Olivia Wilde is making her 2014 debut on the silver screen in her new movie, Better Living Through Chemistry. It's a complicated love story, further muddled by prescription drugs and small-town chatter.
The story is about a straight-laced and rather dull pharmacist living a humdrum, uneventful life. When he makes a home-drug delivery for one of his customers, he is greeted at the door by a very blonde and very seductive Olivia Wilde, who is wearing nothing but a silk robe and a smoldering gaze. The two quickly begin an affair and a downward spiral into drugs, sex, and trouble.
In some ways, it feels like we are returning to The O.C., when Wilde played bisexual temptress Alex Kelly. But, since her days as the bad girl of Newport Beach, Wilde has traded in tattoos and heavy eyeliner for pills and a perm to fit the trophy-wife role for this film. It's sort of Valley of the Dolls meets The Girl Next Door.
Ms. Wilde's costars include Sam Rockwell, Michelle Monaghan, Ray Liotta, and Jane Fonda. It is due to be released in March. (Indiewire)

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