Gabourey Sidibe Is AHS' Resident Badass

If you've been following American Horror Story: Coven, you know that crap has hit the fan hard. The witches of New Orleans are backstabbing left and right in the name of the Supreme. It's safe to assume that, if faced with a bar brawl (or, you know, an acid attack), it's every witch for herself. In real life, though, it's anything but.
Gabourey Sidibe sat down with Chelsea Handler to do what one does on Chelsea Lately — shoot the breeze, drink, and laugh. Turns out, it was quite the chat. Sidibe broke Handler's cleanse with a hurricane drink and proceeded to win the host's affections. Talk of gators led to talk of bar brawls, which, all-in-all, painted quite the picture of life on the AHS set (read: awesome).
One little anecdote had Sidibe explaining how she got all up in a guy's face after her AHS co-star, Sarah Paulson, was glitter-bombed (there will be a special place on the celebrity wall of fame for the first, red-carpet glitter-bomb). "Some like, 6-foot dude comes up and gets in Sarah's face and I go, 'It's alright homie, I got this," she said. The bar-goer, however, wasn't too keen on the word "homie.". What happened next is, well, just watch. (People)

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