The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Poster Sparks The Beginning Of The End

The beginning of the end of The Hunger Games is officially nigh: The poster for Mockingjay has been released. It might not be getting the whole ecstatic-squeal response we'd hoped, but it's enough to get our little hearts fluttering.
Come this November, our girl Katniss will begin to fight for her life — again. (Seriously, how many times must one casually face death in a lifetime?) Don't expect a new arena, though; there are bigger things happening in Katniss' world. Basically, without spoiling the entire series finale, war has broken out throughout Panem. President Snow is super angry. Katniss is still grappling with fame, and the fate of the public is in her hands. You know, no big pressure for a 17-year-old. The poster is a fiery representation of the fictional Mockingjay she has inadvertently come to symbolize. And, it's getting us all fueled up — stoked, even.
Luckily, the finale won't be a one-and-done kind of flick. It's getting the good 'ole Harry Potter/Twilight treatment of splitting the ending into two installments, with the first part hitting the silver screen this November. You can trust we've already started a countdown for this one.
mockingjay_embedPhoto: Courtesy of Liongate.

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