Sitting At Your Desk All Day Might Be Making You Sick

There's nothing worse than those days when there never seems to be a moment to step away from your desk (who has time to pee, let along take a walk to grab some lunch). But, while all work and no play can make Jane a very dull girl, it might also be causing her some serious health problems. A recent article in The Washington Post chronicles in careful detail the negative effects of sitting for nearly eight hours a day (which is exactly how long the average American spends seated).
Four experts weighed in — and their list of ailments is long: Sitting for too long can increase your risk for heart disease, colon cancer, and poor circulation. And, that's just the beginning. Complaints of an inflexible spine, strained neck, and soft bones are common, along with reduced brain function, or “foggy” brain, limp glutes, and “mushy” abs (ugh).
Turns out, the Brits are no better at standing up and stepping away during their workdays, reports The Huffington Post. According to research conducted by Sanlam Private Investments, British office workers spend the equivalent of five years at their desk, with 60% of those surveyed admitting to skipping a lunch break to desk dine, instead. Yikes!
So, what can we do to improve our desk-bound days, asks this rather guilty writer? Practicing good posture is a great starting point. Sit at your office desk without leaning forward, shoulders relaxed, feet firmly on the floor, and lower back supported. TV addicts should take breaks for mini strolls during commercials, and even bust out professional cat and cow yogic poses to ease back pain.
Now, excuse us while we temporarily ditch our desks for the great outdoors (er, just a bathroom break). (The Washington Post)

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