David O. Russell Is Bringing His Unique Brand Of Crazy To The Small Screen

rexusa_1894753guPhoto: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
There isn't a hotter director in Hollywood than David O. Russell, who at this point could pitch a love story between a janitor and his mop, and still ignite an all out bidding war for the rights. So, it's no surprise that ABC has altogether skipped pilot season and ordered a new drama from the American Hustle director straight to series.
The network has ordered 13 episodes of what's being described as an "upstairs/downstairs soap set at a private country club." Russell teamed up with Erin Brockovich scribe Susannah Grant to develop the story, but it will be Grant who'll handle the majority of the writing duties, with the show presumably set to air next fall.
Russell is just the latest in a long line of prestigious Hollywood directors who are being seduced by the many advantages of television. Anyone who's watching HBO's eight-episode anthology series True Detective knows that television's long-form method of storytelling allows for the kind of in-depth character and plot development that often isn't conducive to a 90-minute film. Alfonso Cuarón is another elite director who's turning to television. His fantasy saga Believe is set to debut sometime this year. As for what Russell has in store for us, the country-club-set drama is a definite departure from his recent explorations of America's working class. But, if there's one thing Russell has proven to us over the years, it's his versatility as a storyteller. Also, a Jennifer Lawrence cameo would be a straight up ratings bonanza, so you just know that's happening. (Deadline)

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