The Ultimate Guide To Galentine's Day, Courtesy Of Nasty Gal

Heads up, ladies: Apparently, we've been doing Galentine's Day all wrong. Those years when we skipped awkwardly overcrowded V-Day restaurants and took refuge at our best girl's house instead, our nights generally revolved around takeout slices of Crack Pie, Toddlers and Tiaras marathons on Netflix, and maybe a few wine-fueled Lulu ratings. Luckily, the new Nasty Gal lookbook is here to show us there is another way.
Named for the pensively titled Haddaway hit "What Is Love?" this lookbook schools us single ladies on how it's done. Step one? Find an ornately decorated, marble-floored manse replete with silk crepe de chine draperies and portraits of Marie Antoinette on the wall. Then, grab your best girl (bonus points for contrasting hair color), and spend all night dressing up in candy-heart-printed bathing suits and T-shirts that state unequivocally, "Babe." Finally, commence grinning from ear to ear in your faux-Versailles paradise, because who needs an S.O. when you have studded, denim hot pants, amirite?
Click on for so much more Galentine's Day inspiration. If, after seeing this, you'd still rather curl up with a magnum of Yellowtail, we can't help you.

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