NYC, Meet Your Hangover Doctor

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The New York City lifestyle makes many demands on its residents — perhaps most notorious are the long hours NYC career types tend to keep. But, that's okay, because the city also offers plenty of stress-busting outlets. Indeed, those who find themselves in need of blowing off some steam can hit up a variety of workout classes, head to a world-class spa, and, of course, take advantage of the vibrant nightlife that goes until 4 a.m. (and beyond). Unfortunately, for those who choose booze as a stress reliever, it can sometimes mean a tough morning after. So, Dr. Elliot Nadelson, of the IV Doctor, is here to help.
Nadelson and his team offer 24/7 house calls with an IV-drip treatment to cure what ails you — dehydration from the flu, overexertion, jet lag, and, yes, a hangover. For $199, the Cleanse will get you 1,000 ml of IV solution. For $249, the Revive you'll get up to 2,000 ml plus anti-nausea, anti-heartburn, and anti-inflammatory medication. It may read like a juice-bar menu, but Nadelson claims the treatment is effective because IV hydration has 100% absorption rate, as opposed to the oral intake of fluids and vitamins, which offers a mere 50 to 60%.
You probably have so many questions. But, among them, the first should be, is this safe? Nadelson's doctors get a client's health history before treatment. And, he caps treatments at just twice a month, refusing any requests for extra visits. Most of the team reportedly has experience working in hospital emergency rooms or the ICU for at least two years. Sounds legit, right?

One physician argues IV Doctor is an enabling device for alcoholism. Dr. Richard Besser told ABC News, "Anyone drinking to the point where they need IV rehydration has a drinking problem," adding that he hopes Dr. Nadelson's service includes an alcohol-counseling referral service. To be sure, repetitive use of (or need for) an IV treatment is a red flag. But, Dr. Nadelson defends his service:
"Our clients call us on demand because they need to resume their daily routine and don't have time to nurse their hangover or get over their flu symptoms. People are depending on them and they are depending on us."

The IV Doctor certainly fills a gap in the lifestyle market. And, since Besser's criticism focused on the drinking habits of the patient, rather than on the method of the treatment, we're inclined to say that it could be an interesting development in the world of luxury wellness. (Daily Mail)

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