Fight The Polar Vortex With These Warming Beauty Products

This is clearly stating the obvious, but baby, it's cold outside. It appears the Polar Vortex is a "thing" now, and it comes with biting winds, below-freezing temperatures, and enough snow to make commuting an Outward Bound-like excursion. With the forecast calling for more than a week of this nonsense, it's official. Life is now Survivor: The Home Game.
This is when it's time to call in reinforcements and get warm any way you can. Short of breaking your furniture apart for firewood (let's face it, you kinda love your couch), there's another way to generate a little heat: warming beauty products. There are such things, you know — scrubs, lotions, and the like created to do nothing but raise your body temperature a bit. Yep, thought you might like that.
Here is a roundup of some beloved beauty basics to knock off the chill and inspire you to move on with life while Mother Nature essentially has her way with us. We don't have to love the weather, but with these cozy-making products on hand, it can be a bit more pleasant.

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