Behold: Single Ladies Around The World Are Just Like You

MCX020114FILTER006Photo: Courtesy of Marie Claire/River Boom.
It's scary to imagine sharing photos of our bedrooms with the world — unless they received HGTV-worthy makeovers first. After all, our most intimate living quarters are just that: personal, private, and indicative of what makes us us (also, sometimes they can be a little messy). In that vein, the new issue of Marie Claire features a fascinating photo series of bedrooms belonging to single ladies from around world — and it's pretty amazing.
Photographer River Boom offers a window into the lives of six women who live everywhere from Abu Dhabi to Tokyo. While some elements of their rooms are familiar, others are wholly unique. Enas Sherif’s bedroom in Cairo is decorated with a floor-to-ceiling poster of an idyllic woodland scene, a testament of how she dreams of becoming a flight attendant and traveling the world. Carla Sgarbi and Mariana Bayle live together in a tiny room in Buenos Aires. They've been besties since they were a year old, and that closeness enables them to share such a small space. Filled with colorful posters and books, Eugenie Manisalidi’s bedroom in Athens reveals her love of Africa.

It’s pretty amazing to see how much personality can go into decorating a bedroom. And, it’s refreshing to see how real women from around the world embrace their personal space. So, the next time you're frantically trying to make the bed and straighten up before anyone sees your mess, take a tip from these ladies and let your personality shine through.
(Marie Claire)

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