Sasheer Zamata’s Girls Tour Requires A Special Talent

You may fancy yourself a Girls super fan. You know the best lines by heart. You know all the behind-the-scenes trivia. You have Lena Dunham and Hannah Horvath's birthdays marked on your calendar. But, do you have a working knowledge of the G train? Because that's what you really need if you're going to launch a career as a guide for the official Girls Tour.
Okay, so there is no official tour (yet), but Sasheer Zamata's fictional version is one worth knowing. Posing as an enthusiastic guide named Madison, Zamata takes fans to some of the most important spots in Girls history — like Grumpy's and, um, a trash can in Greenpoint.
Madison fancies herself the fifth girl on the show. She just doesn't get as much screen time, because she's so busy. Check out the clip for the full Girls Tour experience. Just remember to hashtag any Instagrams you take. It's for promotional purposes. (Gothamist)

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