Google Glass App Wants To Transform Your Sex Life

sexwithglassembeddedPhoto: Courtesy Of Sex With Glass.
With an untold number of months to go before the long-anticipated full release of Google Glass, developers have already come up with a zillion ideas to make the most of the device's revolutionary capabilities. From a fitness app that guides users with audio and video instructions, to one that provides firefighters with potentially lifesaving information in real timeto another for surgeons that integrates CT scans and other crucial imagery while in the operating room, it seems like the possibilities are pretty much endless. There's clearly much more to Glass than most of us ever imagined — and, it's not just for the Glassholes among us.
We suppose it was only a matter of time, then, before someone thought it would be a good idea to integrate Glass into Americans' sex lives. A new startup, appropriately called Sex With Glass, aims to transform the way you have sex — and the way you see your partner. The idea is that, as you and your partner are getting busy, you can utter some magic words — "Ok Glass, it's time!" — and Glass will stream live video from your partner's device, showing you what's going on from their perspective. This video can be recorded and saved (though it will self-destruct, Snapchat-style, in five hours). Also potentially handy: If your home is sufficiently high-tech, you can ask Glass to help set the mood with lighting and music, and, if you need a little inspiration, Glass can show you some instructive Kama Sutra slides.
While it's definitely an intriguing idea, we're not sure we're sold on the whole Sex With Glass concept. As more and more people try out Glass, we're learning that there is definitely a time and a place to be wearing a camera on your face. The park? Sure. The subway? Iffy. In bed? We're not convinced. And, there's that little matter of just where those videos go when they're "deleted forever" after five hours. Call us crazy, but we don't want to mess around with our sexcapades just living in the cloud. Haven't we learned our lesson with Snapchat? (The Guardian)

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