Lindsay Lohan Seems To Be Doing Really Well

Photo: Via @lindsaylohan.
Lindsay Lohan has certainly been on a bit of a mini-roll lately after making a don't-call-it-a-comeback with The Canyons and even her own fashion blog. Heck, girl is even writing a book! We've had our fingers crossed for this redhead, who just can't seem to shake her status as a person of interest (though, admittedly, that comes with a fair share of haters). And, when we spotted her at Sundance this past week, we got the distinct impression that things are still looking up.
First of all, she only arrived five minutes late to the press conference for her new movie, Inconceivable (see Erin La Rosa's write-up of the experience on BuzzFeed for more). Though this is par for the course at such events, attendees were strictly forbidden to ask any questions about her personal life, under pain of being escorted out. Lohan was accompanied (shepherded?) by Randall Emmett, one of the film's producers, who echoed her sentiment that both had immediately fallen in love with the movie. He sang her praises and delicately hinted at her rocky past, saying that she is a great actress and that "everybody’s got to have the right role and the right movie to show that.”
All told, we're quite pleased with LiLo's current trajectory. Dramatic New York Times profiles aside, she's doing a fine job of polishing her reputation. Kudos! (BuzzFeed)

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