Game Of Thrones & BBC Warn Us That The Winter Olympics Are Coming

Winter is coming. The Winter Games, that is. In a chilling new promo for the upcoming Sochi Olympics, BBC Sport has enlisted the services of veteran thespian Charles Dance, better known as the nefarious Tywin Lannister on HBO's Game of Thrones, in an effort to scare the bejesus out of us while simultaneously getting us psyched for the games. Guess what? It worked.
In the epic ad, Dance uses the same menacing tone that's managed to strike fear into the heart of all of Westeros for the past three seasons on GoT. "I am the dreadful menace, the one whose will is done, the haunting chill upon your neck," he growls, as images of scaling mountaintops and vicious winds whip across the screen. "Not you or any other can fathom what is nigh. I will tell you when to jump and I'll dictate how high."
Dance, we're guessing, is supposed to be "Nature" here, and this is his warning to all the athletes who will try and conquer him. "The ones that came before you stood strong and tall and brave, but I stole their dreams away. Those dreams could not be saved. But, now you stand before me, devoid of all dismay. Could it be? Just maybe, I'll let you have your day." We'll soon find out; the Sochi Winter Games get underway on February 7. (Business Insider)

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