Topanga — We Mean, Danielle Fishel — Dishes Out Dating Advice

Okay, so it might seem a little weird to be taking dating advice from someone best known for playing one of your '90s TV heroes. But, when the gal in question is Topanga, and not, say, Screech, you know you're in capable hands. Soon set to reprise her role as Topanga Lawrence Matthews in Girl Meets World, actress Danielle Fishel has found a sideline in tackling relationship woes with her new PopSugar web series, Dear Danielle. Guess what? The girl knows her stuff.
In the latest episode of Dear Danielle, Fishel joins YouTube dating guru Tyler Oakley (and, um, a Harry Styles cutout) to answer fans' questions about balancing work with love, handling social media when you're in a relationship, and planning the perfect breakup. Fishel's advice is actually pretty spot-on when it comes to the latter. "It depends on how long you've been together," the newly married star says. "If you've only been on three, four, five dates and you just don't want to see this person anymore, you really don't owe them an in-person sit-down...[but] it definitely needs to be a phone call at the minimum. And, if you've been with someone for a really long time, you really want to do it in a private place because maybe they're going to get emotional."
Sound advice, right? Cory Matthews was right — this girl's a keeper. (Popsugar)

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