How Much Would You Sacrifice To Live In Central London?

Sure, there are a million and one reasons to love London, but living in this fair city is expensive. Although there’s certainly a chance to score a cool East London studio apartment, for the frugal (re: broke) couch surfing or shared accommodation is often a way of life. And, many people are willing to forego certain amenities in order to live in a central London.
So, when London’s cheapest room to rent came to light this week, we knew there must be a catch. According to The Huffington Post, the least expensive rental in the city will set you back £40 per week, bills included — and promises the ultimate in cozy interiors.
Advertised as a "special offer" on Gumtree, the space is described as a “cute little loft conversion" with parquet flooring and en suite water tank (yes, water tank) and offers an unusual list of amenities. Located “right in the heart of Westminster,” the “room” comes with freshly washed bedding and "enough space to store a few pieces of garment." But — and there is a big but — you have to be smaller than five foot four inches. Also, you can't suffer from claustrophobia or be afraid of heights. And, that's because you won’t be able to stand upright in your new, windowless hidey-hole abode. Oh, and did we mention you can only reach the space by climbing a 10-foot ladder.
Although the listing’s no longer online, it’s worrying how convincingly the landlords pitched the blatantly uninhabitable accommodation (potential joke?) as a cost-effective start-up for newbie Londoners. And, to top it off, they’ve got sharp words of warning for potential tenants. “We are generally quite easy going but do not tolerate noise at night, or disorderly behavior.” You've been warned.
Do you have any London house-hunting horror stories to beat this? Have you been offered a room worse than this crawl space? Let us know in the comments below. (The Huffington Post)
embeddedPhoto: Via The Huffington Post.

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