Lea Michele Wins The Race For 2014's First Empowering Ballad With "Louder"

Your empowering playlist just found itself another track to add to the lineup. Like last year's "Roar" and "Brave," "Louder" is all about self-assurance. With Michele's soaring vocals calling listeners to "stand out in the crowd" and "scream a little louder," the feels are imminent. "I always think it's so important to live your life to the fullest, and love as hard as you can love, and fight as hard as you can fight," Michele explained to Billboard. "Be loud, be bold, be yourself, whether or not people understand that message."
The new single comes hot off the heels of her powerful music video for "Cannonball." It's the yin to Rihanna and Shakira's new single's yang. If Oprah were to ever endorse a single, it'd probably be this. (Imagine Oprah announcing "Louder" with her now iconic bellow, and you'll know why).
Whether they're cliché or not, it's good to have these types of tracks circulating through the zeitgeist. Plus, when they're packaged as a glittering danceable track like Michele's latest, well, consider us giddy saps. (Billboard)

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