Erykah Badu Gets A Super-High High Top

high top embedPhoto: Via Facebook.
Talk about reaching new heights: Erykah Badu posted this photo to her Facebook profile documenting the creation of a beyond-rad high top. What caught our eye about her new hair? This 'do is tall. In fact, it seems to be the same length as her face. And, the fade makes it look even higher. This isn't a new style — in fact, it's about 25 years old, according to Clutch Magazine — but the fact that Badu's rocking a throwback style is part of why we love it so much.
The caption of the photo reads: "Still high and faded." If there's anyone who can pull off a hairstyle that functions as a metaphor for a state of being, it's this woman right here. She has us feeling extra inspired to take our hair to the next level, too — what do you all think?

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