Carey Mulligan Talks Boozy Selfies & Other Audition Nightmares

rexusa_1801708mPhoto: Rex USA.
We all know how important it is to go the distance when interviewing for the job of your dreams. And, according to Carey Mulligan, the same principle applies in Hollywood. While a guest on The Graham Norton Show, the English actress revealed the interesting way she auditioned for her role in Inside Llewyn Davis. Suffice to say, things could all have gone very differently.
For the audition, Mulligan, who plays Jean in the Coen brothers folk-music flick, decided to film herself on her smartphone when she was more-than-a-little tipsy. “I was so excited so I did the audition after a dinner where I had had a few drinks. My American accent is better after a few drinks and then I decided to eat something — it works for Brad Pitt, who eats all the time in films. It was a really drunk audition. Thank God, I didn't send it.” Somehow, we still think Mulligan would have landed the part — even under the influence.
But, that isn’t the only cringe-inducing audition tale Mulligan has up her sleeve. During the TV interview, she talked about what she had to do to get cast as Daisy in the The Great Gatsby. “It was daunting. It was really scary. Daisy has to kiss Gatsby, but you don't just kiss Leonardo DiCaprio. We were halfway through the scene and I was close to his face, but had to ask the director if I should kiss him,” she explained. “He said yes, so I just did it and I got the job. That's how you get a job.”
Hmm? In order to land a gig all you have to do is ask your prospective employer if you can kiss a coworker? We don’t really see that catching on in our line of work, but we applaud Mulligan’s chutzpah all the same. (The Daily Mail)

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