Azealia Banks Remixed Beyoncé's "Partition," The World Is Indifferent

It's comforting to know that Azealia Banks hasn't fallen off the face of the planet. She's been here, there, and everywhere from music festivals to duking it out in the Twitter ring, but not the studio. Well, not in the studio producing the album that's been promised to the public for over a year now. She has, however, brought it upon herself to put her spin on the forever trending topic that is Beyoncé's surprise album.
With the help of fellow fast-talker Busta Rhymes, Banks added an extra 90 seconds or so to Bey's perfectly slinky ode to sexy time, "Partition." The two have taken the tease of the original's writing and turned it into sleaze. The final product is, well, all right. Comments on Banks' SoundCloud post are split between "yasss" and "who decided this was a good idea?"
Had Banks honored her promise and released Broke With Expensive Taste on time, this remix might've been approached in a different light. Since it's now on a perpetual loop of getting pushed back, seeing Banks hit the studio for material that's not BWET is side-eye inducing. In the meantime, we'll just keep tapping our feet to "212" and "1991."

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