Orange Is The New Black Goes Glam In Elle

Well, honestly, it was just a matter of time until one smart fashion magazine was able to get the entire cast of Orange Is The New Black to rock some Christopher Kane and Bulgari amongst the cinderblocks and linoleum of Litchfield Federal Penitentiary. Let it never be said that Elle is anything other than smart. For a photo shoot this gorgeous (and yes, it was shot at the Queens, New York set), it needs to be mentioned that the interviews are as real as it gets.
Each of the actresses — including Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, and Danielle Brooks — gives an insightful perspective about her character in the clink. And, unsurprisingly, they each have an affection for their small-screen alter egos. "These are not mass murderers," Kate Mulgrew, who plays head chef Red, told the mag. "These are women who tripped — some just slipped on a banana peel." "It's about showing women for who they are," adds Samira Wiley, a.k.a. Poussey Washington.
Laura Prepon also chimed in with her thoughts on the occasionally evil Alex Vause. "I always think of her as a spider," the actress said. "She's just waiting for the final kill." We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Click through for more shots of the done-up stars. (Elle)

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