The Breakfast You’ll Want Every Morning

Actor, producer, director, mom, businesswoman, beauty mogul, philanthropist — we officially ran out of slashes trying to describe all the cool things Drew Barrymore is. But, it's not just her superwoman résumé we love. Drew brings real-deal passion and purpose to everything she touches. And now, as Refinery29's new editor-at-large, Drew will be dropping in to share her wisdom on work, art, beauty, kids, health, and, naturally, good food — starting off with a recipe for the perfect breakfast sandwich. Stay tuned to this space — major inspiration awaits.

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I first made this sandwich when I started teaching myself to cook. Not 20 years ago, but very recently. The reason I started officially learning to cook was because when I first got pregnant, I had to face the sad fact that I didn’t even know how to boil an egg. No, really!
But, this was so not for lack of trying. I've always been one of those people who romanticized cooking, but the few attempts I'd made in my life resulted in friends' contorted faces as they desperately tried to say something nice about the "dish" they were eating. Everything I touched in the kitchen turned out crappy, no matter how closely I followed the recipe or copied the cooking show. So, I just got discouraged and gave up. I can't imagine I'm alone here. But, despite my disappointments, I still engaged in real conversations...the ones where I would talk a big game about how someday I would take legit cooking classes, learn the basics, and finally make my Le Creuset pots proud.

One more thing: I really did fantasize about becoming sexier in the kitchen once I'd mastered those culinary skills. But, because I was not relaxed, there was (and is!) no sense of effortlessness when it comes to cooking and me.
So, cut to me, baby on the way, and pleading with myself, “You just can’t make excuses to your kids that you can't cook.” And so, I became determined to learn. Start with the basics and work from there. This was almost two years ago. And, truthfully, I am still only great at one-dish, one-course, one-pot meals. I love soups and pastas, slow-cooked pork tacos, and meatloaf. I am still intimidated in the kitchen, and, sadly, I am still not sexy in there, either. However, I cook for my daughter, and (to my extreme delight!) she eats really well, from salmon and boiled chicken to fresh vegetables and pasta. She's even enjoyed one of my made-from-scratch popovers...admittedly, they're pretty addictive.
Click ahead for the rest of Drew's story — and the incredible breakfast-sandwich recipe you need to try.
Drew_Sandwich_3Photographed by Janelle Jones; Styled by Rebecca Cohen.
Needless to say, I am still a shy cook. I don’t host dinner parties, and I am not fabulous. But, I can make food for kids and even the odd surprise for me and my husband. Like this super easy breakfast sandwich, which I'm excited to share with you. And, it was something I concocted all on my own, early in the morning, when I was craving something zesty, fresh, and eggy.
Drew_Sandwich_2Illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza and Isabel Castillo-Guijarro.
To be honest, breakfast is something that always trips me up, because it’s the one meal that usually revolves around eggs. What would we do if eggs were taken off the table? I feel like the breakfast universe would implode, and we would all be left feeling lost — and hungry. The key ingredient in this dish, however, isn't the eggs (or even the amazing fresh basil from my herb box and the heirloom tomato that my husband brought home), but the cheese, which I eyeballed in my fridge when this sandwich lightbulb went off. Boursin cheese is this delicious, white, creamy, herbed cheese that's so soft it spreads on anything beautifully. It's fluffy and flavorful yet delicate enough not to totally overpower. Best of all, it's stocked at most grocery stores.
The final step was what was left of some French sourdough bread that I'd shared with a girlfriend over a homemade soup. This crusty bread was the perfect vehicle for my open-faced wonder. I cut a generous half-inch slice off the loaf and threw it in the toaster oven — yes, toaster ovens still rule my world! On the next page is everything you need to copy this fresh and easy breakfast sandwich. And, like any good cook, feel free to improvise (in the comments). I'm always looking for pointers!
Drew_Sandwich_5Photographed by Janelle Jones; Styled by Rebecca Cohen.

Drew's Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

(First things first: Grab a nice napkin — even if it's just you, treat yourself to a morning moment.)

What you need (just double the ingredients for two people):

2 eggs

1 small bunch of fresh basil or about 8 full leaves, washed and dried

1 tomato (heirloom, if possible), cut into generous slices

Black coarse pepper, to taste

1 container of Boursin cheese (garlic or black pepper)

1 thick slice of French sourdough bread

Drew_Sandwich_4Illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza and Isabel Castillo-Guijarro.

What you do:

1. Oil and heat a cast-iron pan (they're the best for eggs!). When really hot, drop two eggs into the pan and cook for about five minutes, until the edges are slightly brown but the yolks are still loose. Do not overcook!

2. Immediately after dropping the eggs into the pan, pop the bread into the toaster oven and toast to a golden brown (not overly firm); think crusty sides with a little give in the dough.

3. Spread the soft Boursin cheese on the bread (after it has cooled for about one minute), lay basil leaves on top (putting the basil down first will help it not get soggy). Layer on tomatoes, then top with eggs. Add some fresh ground pepper, to taste.
After admiring it for a second, cut down the center and let the eggs run down through the bread. Now, just take your knife and fork and enjoy. I hope you like it!

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