And The 10 Most Affordable U.S. Cities Are…

best-cities-smallImage: Courtesy Apartment Guide/LearnVest.
Whether you're contemplating a big move or just peeking over the fence to see how much greener the grass is, this little list is food for thought. Apartment Guide looked at its property listing data around rental rates and this Cost of Living Index. Meanwhile, our besties at LearnVest provided tips for budgeting in the New Year here. What you get is a list of 10 towns where rental and cost of living expenses are tantalizingly low.
Seems a premium was placed on communities with strong cultural backbones — Louisville, Memphis, Oklahoma City, and Columbus on the list are all cities with strong music scenes. There's also a few towns here we've never even considered as options. Dayton, Augusta, and Birmingham, we're going to have to look you guys up.
Now, as much fun as it is to Google cultural events in these cities and wonder how little a two-bedroom apartment might cost in these zip codes, we'd rather hear from you. So, if you've spent any decent amount of time in any of the cities on the list, hit up the comments section below with any praises worth singing. We, in the meantime, will continue overpaying for our 400-square-foot hovels right here in NYC. Sigh.
To see the full list, click through to the next page. (Huffington Post)
bestcities-bigImage: Courtesy Apartment Guide/LearnVest.

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