Jarvis Gives Siri Some Steep Competition — Watch Out!

mainPhoto: Courtesy of Apple.
Just when we were really warming up to Siri again (we admit the Her commentary was pretty endearing), there’s a new voice assistant hitting the market soon that might have us uttering “Siri, who?” in no time. According to Business Insider, at techie trade show CES, which kicked off January 7, Intel revealed a computerized contraption that rivals Apple and Google’s assistants alike with hands-free and human-like conversational capabilities.
Jarvis (yes, named after Iron Man’s digital buddy) is a headset that boasts the ability to chat and navigate your phone solely using vocal direction (woo-hoo, you don’t have to push any buttons!). It also can interrupt you when it believes it has pertinent info to share and — kind of trippy — but is always listening. How’s that for snazzy, er, or scary depending on how you look at it? (Business Insider)

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