The Blue Ivy League: A Guide To Life

Blue Ivy Carter: the world's reigning baby-in-charge. She's the darling daughter of Queen Bey and Jay Z — a modern-day princess born with more street cred than many of us will ever possess. Though not confirmed, it's likely her first words were a sing-song "uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh." She knew how to count down before any other toddler in the game, and it's no secret her wardrobe is fab-u-lous (clap with us on the downbeat).
Now that she's spent 24 months on this planet, it's about time she was gifted her own adjective, right? Isn't the norm these days to name kids after forest critters and intermediate cardinal points? Even if it's not, Blue Ivy gets to play the exception card, because what else can you hypothetically get a 2-year-old who owns Tom Ford.
So, with that, we proudly present The Blue Ivy League: a sensible six-step GIF guide to owning the title of B.I.C. (and, we mean the other B.I.C. this time around). There's no shame in calling someone out for not being very Blue Ivy. Simply none to be found or had. Just keep in mind the most important rule: What would Blue Ivy do?
Let us begin.

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Opening Photo: Courtesy of Beyoncé.

A Blue Ivy person accepts the love they are given and reciprocates when they feel it to be necessary.
If someone doth step in a Blue Ivy person's shadow, they will be (figuratively) spat on. No one takes thine shine.
When faced with a party situation, the Blue Ivy thing to do is throw one's hands in the air, but not too energetically because, well, why draw more attention to the brightest star in the room?
Clap for the haters, for failing to do so is not very Blue Ivy of someone.
Never simply leave a room or situation; command your presence — even when making an exit.
And, finally, embody this GIF.

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