FitBit Hacks: How To Burn More Calories

oPhotographed by Alexandra R. Gavillet.
Anyone who got a FitBit in their stocking this year knows how quickly an addiction forms. Pretty soon you're watching your every step, signing up for extra spin classes, and constantly monitoring that little gadget to see if you're beating your friends and yourself. But, that whole routine gets old real fast, and we're willing to bet that most of us will burn out sooner or later. Never fear, though, because there's a life hack to keep you in the game. The Daily Beast came up with some great tips and tricks to keep your calorie burn count as high as possible.
First up? Walk and take the stairs as much as possible. It may seem simple, but opting out of every elevator or moving sidewalk that comes your way will make a big difference. The site also recommends knocking out your chore to-do list in an active way — things like carrying your groceries around will get your number up in no time. The same goes for the work day; switch it up and crank out emails on an exercise ball. The most important thing to remember is to create a routine. If you walk home from the office every evening, it will actually start to feel normal. Then, the next thing you know, your blowing your FitBit foes out of the water. (The Daily Beast)

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