Old Spice’s “Momsong” Commerical, A Hilarious Oedipal Nightmare

The same wonderful folks who once gifted Isaiah Mustafa to the women of the world have gone in a very, very different direction in their latest spot. In Old Spice's "Momsong" commercial, we hear from a heretofore unrepresented group in the great body-spray debate — the mothers of the teen boys who grow instantaneously into men thanks to regular spritzes of aerosolized sexiness. They are not happy, to say the least.
As we see in the ad, while body sprays may turn young, single women into mindless, libidinous animals, it appears that the same phenomenon transforms loving mothers into weeping stalkers, willing to cling onto the rear bumper of a speeding car or camouflage themselves as janitors for one final glimpse of their now-matured son. We'd cry if it weren't so terrifying (and funny).
Thing is, we can't decide if this is — like so many body-spray commercials — misogynist or not. Sure, it takes a very grim and perhaps antiquated view of mothers and how they think about their children's sexuality. But, on the other side of the coin, it's very, very silly. Like, very silly. Well, whatever the case, we can definitely chalk this to the growing list of proof that body spray is the worst thing to happen to humanity since the Jersey Shore. (Business Insider)

Video: Via YouTube.

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