Allison Williams, Cheeky Princess? Not Shocking

AW2Photo: Courtesy of InStyle UK.
In a few weeks, we'll be diving headfirst into season three of Girls. Though the image of Marnie in that plastic dress will forever be ingrained in our memories, things aren't looking so bright and shiny for the cast's former go-getter. She's jobless, her boyfriend dropped out of the show (if office sex can't save a relationship, then what can?), and she's ditched her best friend for what? Life? We'll find out in due time, but until then we can whet our palates with this deliciously spring-themed cover shoot for InStyle UK .
Williams assumes the ladylike role she was destined to play in the photo shoot. She exudes refined elegance, but maintains an air of spontaneity that sets her apart from the pack. She may look poised and put together, but she can get cheeky with the best of 'em.
"When I was younger I played Princess Diana," she divulges in the interview. Which, come to think of it, doesn't surprise anyone. Here's to hoping she finds her princess-like life in the upcoming season. (InStyle UK)
AW3Photo: Courtesy of InStyle UK.
AW1Photo: Courtesy of InStyle UK.

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