Jennifer Lawrence Is No Single Lady, Still Tied To Nicholas Hoult

jlawr1Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.
It appears that our beloved Jennifer Lawrence is singing Bey's "XO" these days rather than "Single Ladies." She of America's Sweetheart status is reportedly back together with Nicholas Hoult. The are-they/aren't-they couple had taken a tiny break back in the spring of 2013, and our peepers seemed to think they were officially on-again this summer, but nothing was ever confirmed. (Nary does one actor's presence at a former beau's movie screening make a relationship.)
However, there is Twitter proof that the two are back at it. Over the holidays, Lawrence flew to the U.K. and joined Hoult for a nonchalant pub date. We know this is true because the pub's owner's daughter happened to be a massive fan (um, who isn't?) and asked for a picture. "THIS IS THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. WHAT ARE THE F*****G CHANCES OF JENNIFER LAWRENCE EATING AT MY PUB," she tweeted (Note: Her tweets are protected). Girl, there aren't big enough caps and gleeful uses of swear words in existence that would contain our ecstasy bumping into J.Lawr. Heck, who gives a rip if she's with another guy and not us. As long as she's happy, we're happy. (People)

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