Scott Eastwood & The Royal Baby, Town & Country's Sexiest Bachelors (No Joke)

SCOTT1Photo: Courtesy of Town & Country.
You know, all that swiping left and right for potential dates can make a manicured digit tired. Sometimes, we just want the bachelors delivered to us. And, while we're more than happy to dip our feet into the local pools (read: here and here), we'll leave it to Town & Country's expense account to do the global stuff.
Though it's only in its second year, T&C's Top 50 Bachelors feature is already showing a pattern in brutal man-sifting. With Scott Eastwood topping this year's roundup, the common denominator in the group is most definitely "affluent single boy." In addition to the offspring of Hollywood bigwigs are banker's sons, art world influencers, and...Katy Perry's ex? Cut a sizable check, and you're in the running. Heck, even bachelors who have created billion-dollar companies that are easy to hack made the list (what's a few leaked accounts over a million-dollar ring?).
No shade is being thrown here — this is merely an observation of a list meant to read like a glossy OkCupid dash. Instead, it feels like an odd version of Seeking Arrangements. T&C isn't necessarily implying that its readers are gold diggers, but it definitely doesn't want them to mess with a broke guy — unless, of course, he's heir to some serious purse strings (cough, Prince George, cough). (Town & Country)

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