NYers: Keep Your Resolutions This Year

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Athlete's Club.
It's the same story every year: January comes, and we tell ourselves we'll eat better, exercise more, and work toward being the healthiest we've ever been. While these are all admirable goals, a lot of obstacles can get in the way that steer us off course. We're talking expensive gym memberships, pricey health foods and juices, and that little thing called life. But, thanks to a new premium membership-based service that focuses on healthy living, this just might be the year to make good on those resolutions.
Athlete's Club offers New Yorkers unparalleled access to gyms, restaurants, classes, and shops that focus on fitness and health. It's similar to Groupon, but the discounts never expire and you can reuse them to your heart's content. Chelsea Piers, Body Space Fitness, Clay, KettleBell Kitchen, Magic Mix Juicery, and Gustorganics are already onboard with Athlete's Club, as well as almost 50 other partners. The service not only helps local businesses thrive, but the deals are pretty sweet, too. Early members saw savings between $52 and $367, in just one month. With introductory memberships that start at $19 monthly and $129 annually, this might be the best decision you've made this year.

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