Taylor Swift Is Apparently Not Being Very Neighborly

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UPDATE January 2: Well, it seems that things got a little out of hand in the rumor department. While Swift is in fact repairing the embankment around her house, things didn't go down quite as the New London Day originally reported. We got word from Taylor's publicist this morning that the writer of the original opinion piece has since issued an apology to the singer — based on the fact that her house is on private property and thus gives her free reign. As it turns out, this, like many celeb stories, simply got way overblown. So, go on and build your retaining wall, girl.
Originally Published December 31: It appears as though not everyone loves Taylor Swift. Since moving into a $17.7 million mansion in the coastal town of Watch Hill earlier this year, the pop star has implemented a string of security measures that have helped alienate her — both literally and figuratively — from her Rhode Island neighbors.
Swift's massive manor sits directly off a public beach, which she's tried to make private by sticking "No Trespassing" signs right on the adjoining paths. Additionally, according to locals, security guards perched everywhere also help reinforce that cozy "This is my beach" vibe, while tourists now flock to the once-clandestine beach hoping to catch a glimpse of the pop star. Pretty much everything the people of Watch Hill might have predicted would happen when a celebrity like Swift moved in has, indeed, happened.
Well, not everything.
Because now comes news that the singer has begun to rearrange the actual coastline. With cranes. Locals spotted a landscaping crew moving rocks from the beach below, which will eventually form a giant wall around her property. It was first reported that Swift had not acquired the proper paperwork for such an endeavor, but we've since learned that she has indeed obtained some sort of official permit, which was reportedly fast-tracked and optimized for someone of her stature. According to residents, the construction has been quite disruptive and may permanently alter a beach that many of them hold dear. It will also make borrowing that spare cup of sugar from Swift that much more difficult. (Gawker)

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