There's A Rat In Your Wine & Other Gross Drink Facts

Hello, fellow liquid consumer! Hope you've enjoyed whatever beverage you like recently because BuzzFeed's about to make ya think twice before you pick up another glass.
Let's say you like to cook dinner with a sensible chalice of wine. Normal, right? A glass of red each night is supposed to help the heart, after all. Well, what if you knew that the manner in which some wines are harvested has a high chance of including rodents and insects? Look for MOGs (materials other than grapes) on the label, and try not to imagine sipping little Ratatouille with your ratatouille. BuzzFeed's list informs thine viewer that non-dairy milk contains ingredients that cause ulcers, and some beers are made with, uh, dried fish bladder. Yum!
The list doesn't go into much detail about how much of said gross facts are in said drinks, but the information is enough to make even the heartiest of drinkers second guess their means of ingestion. Drink up, y'all! (BuzzFeed)

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