Take This American Dialect Quiz, Squeal With Delight

gringcImage: Via The New York TImes.
Have you seen a headline about "youse guys" going around your Facebook feed lately? It's probably referring to this awesome quiz over on The New York Times. Though we generally reserve our online quiz-taking time for Harry Potter-related affairs, we have to admit, this is beyond fun. This quiz aims to isolate your American English dialect by region through a series of questions. Some of them are baffling, depending on where you're from. Others are bound to stir up serious screaming matches among family members of diverse hometowns this holiday. Either way, it's something to talk about. And, evidently, many people agree. The quiz currently sports a notice that the site has received so many visits, it may be slow to load. Check it out, crawdad. (The New York Times)

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