Jennifer Lawrence & Jack Nicholson: The Saga Continues

Among Jennifer Lawrence's most beloved moments is the time she freaked out about a Jack Nicholson sighting, as if she weren't a super-famous person who rubs elbows with fellow super-famous people on a regular basis. And, we can't blame her. Nicholson in the flesh would definitely be...something (Terrifying? Thrilling? Probably a mix of both). Apparently, though, the story doesn't end there. In a new interview for ABC News, Lawrence recalls that ol' Jackie actually pursued her after the fact. Never one to keep a juicy secret, she says he sent her a bottle of Cristal and a note saying he was "missing her already." Though there's definitely a touch of creep to it, that's not bad game for a man of his age.
Also, as she freely points out, her shoes are amazing. To think they weren't even going to show 'em on camera! Luckily, J.Lawr always has her priorities straight.

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