Aubrey Plaza Has The Best Facebook, Ever (Besides Us, Duh) — Deal With It

aubrey01Photo: Courtesy of Aubrey Plaza / Facebook.
Attention, world: We are officially raising our girl crush alert system to red. Aubrey Plaza has officially slain our hearts and wrapped 'em up with a not-so-cute bow and plenty of side eye. We've "casually" perused her social media feeds before, but as of today, we're pretty much full-blown stalkers.
For starters, her Facebook page is a godsend. She's running the show; it's Plaza all day, every day. We mean, she freakin' made her username "The EVIL Hag," and that's just the icing on the cake. Diving into the newsfeed will have you scrolling past Photoshopped pictures of Plaza and pal Anna Kendrick as Hall & Oates members, casual encounters with famous people, and snarky status updates. It's basically the ultimate "Celebrities Hanging Out With Celebrities" collection, but better because it's not pretentious. In fact, it's totally genuine, and that makes us happy (social media) campers.
We'd be offended if the above came from anyone else, but via Plaza? It reads like a love note. (Plus, her use of Caps lock is on point.) Celebs, take note: This is how to run a Facebook page. Now, it might be taking it too far to make it our browser's homepage, but we wouldn't mind if Chrome decided to make it one of the most visited tabs on our dashboard. Just sayin'.

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