The January Elle Covers Are Here, Obsess Away

CATE1Photo: Courtesy of Elle Canada.
The future of magazines is already upon us. Let the critiquing begin. We've already fangirled over Joan Smalls' Elle cover, but there are four others worth obsessing. There's plenty to ogle over between the Canada, Russia, China, and U.K. editions.
Lucky for you, the folks over at Go Fug Yourself have ranked 'em all already. Hop on over there and see if Miranda Kerr's cover beat out Cate Blanchett's. As for us, we're pretty content with the list. While Smalls' cover is fantastic, it and the other covers show that the supermodel world is alive, well, and making a solid comeback. If we could read Russian, we'd perhaps have a better grasp of what the heck is happening with that cover, but, alas, we can't. Unfortunately, the Fug folks don't either. (Go Fug Yourself)

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