Prince William’s Private Messages Go Public

prince12Photo: REX USA/Jonathan Hordle.
We bet Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ears were burning earlier today. Transcripts of their private voicemails were read out loud during the trial against former British tabloid News of the World. According to The Guardian, these transcripts were uncovered in 2006, but have never been made public.
In one message, the prince left an update on his day and called his then-girlfriend “babykins” (aww); in another, he mentioned he might send her a “cheeky message” (no word on whether that one was leaked). He also left plans for sneaking away from his military academy so the two could meet at her parents’ house. But, not all the correspondence was lovey-dovey: During one call, he told her about the time he “nearly got shot” during an army training exercise.
Perhaps most surprising? It turns out that Prince Harry isn’t the only prankster in the royal family. William once left his brother a voicemail in falsetto, pretending to be his then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy, calling his kid brother a “big, fat hairy ginger.” Harsh, Wills.
These references all appeared as exclusive stories in Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World (which folded in 2011). Until now, it was thought that the newspaper had only tapped the phones of the royal household staff. But, as today’s trial showed, even the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge fell victim.
So far, jurors have sent at least two people involved in the hacking — including its formal royal editor, Clive Goodman, and Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator used by the paper — to jail.
As cringe-worthy as it is to imagine anyone’s private messages going public, it is sweet to get a rare glimpse into the exclusive world of royalty (and, hey, at least there wasn’t a sexting scandal). Daily updates, cheesy nicknames, sibling banter — sound familiar? Royals: They’re just like us! (The Guardian)

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