The Mac Pro Launches TODAY. Check Out Apple’s Latest

Techie creatives, we hope you’ve been good all year, because there’s a brand-spankin’-new gadget you’re going to want under that tree. And, it's not exactly something Santa is used to churning out at the North Pole. Apple is launching its next line of Mac Pros today — and it is bigger, badder, and sleeker than ever.
Inside the ten-inch computer is a range of Intel Xeon processors, making it twice as fast as its predecessors. And, — get this — it has six Thunderbolt 2 ports, so it’s capable of attaching up to 36 external devices. In other words, it’s the mother of all motherboards. Are your techie senses tingling yet? Ours, too!
If you’re more of an iPhone devotee, then the above is just a bunch of nerd talk. But, for those churning out stellar graphic designs, visionary snaps, or evolutionary video, the revamped Pro has come in the nick of time. Clocking in at $3,000 a pop, we suggest you go sit on Santa’s lap and make a strong case for yourself, before you’re left with coal (a.k.a. your current gizmo). (CNN)
mainPhoto: Via Apple.