Jennifer Lawrence: A Tale Of Butt Plugs, Dream Jobs, And Conan

If Jennifer Lawrence wasn't a falling-on-her-way-to-the-stage, Oscar award-winning actress, she'd be a hotel maid. No, we're not pulling this lil' factoid out of humorously thin air; the girl herself confessed her secret dream job, and we've got the celluloid proof.
Apparently, Lawrence was gifted a "copious amount" of butt plugs by a "friend." Speaking with Conan O'Brien, she explained how she hid them under her hotel bed so the maid service wouldn't find them. Speaking of maid service, Lawrence is really into the idea of cleaning hotel rooms. She likes to snoop, and being a hotel maid would be a "dream." Le sigh. Anyway, the butt plug ordeal is more important. Who gifted Lawrence the sex toys? Also, more importantly, why did a hotel maid decide to, uh, perch them on top of her bedside table? The answers to these might never come, but man, are we thrilled the questions are out there.
Check out the interview after the jump.

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