Google & The Zeitgeist: A 90-Second Love Story Of 2013

It's officially list season, and Google would rather you watch 2013 rewind before your eyes than read about it. Unlike most year-end lists, it classifies each major event under umbrella phrases like "new beginnings," "new frontiers," and "good-byes." It's a method of highlighting how we we used the Internet this year and what dominated our screens.
As usual, Google really lays on the emotions without being sappy. It's a company that, almost effortlessly, inspires people while still ingraining its ultimate motive of getting users to engage with its product. This 2013 video seeks to show the best, most uplifting moments of the past year. Though it's short, it's enough information to show just how different the world has become, and where we're headed. As for that answer, well, we'll just have to keep googling searching for it.

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