So HERE'S What Santa Looks Like Without His Beard

I struggle with a combination of procrastination and a crazy schedule. So, I am infinitely familiar with the Dance of Last Minute Gift Giving, especially when it comes to shopping for the men in my life. I'm also in a new relationship and the pressure of finding that perfect gift for my guy is stressful. Like, five-alarm stressful. Where is Santa when you need him?
Well, according to this video from The Art of Shaving, Santa's evidently busy switching up his game. Gone is the bowl-full-of-jelly belly (clearly Santa's been training hard in the off-season), and he's ditching his trademark beard. Bit by bit, the whiskers come off. (And, is it just us, or does that barber seem a little apprehensive? We can't blame him.) It's kind of silly, but it's worth a watch. Who knew Santa had such a sick jawline?

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